"My Love of two wheels started 55 plus years ago, I’m 60 plus and that love of motorcycles has never changed just got stronger.   I owe my love of motorcycles to my Dad, the absolute GREATEST man I’ve ever known.  My Mom and Dad belonged to an MC club called The Kentucky Roadrunners, established in 1950’s in Campbellsville Kentucky.  Their then home dealership wasn’t even #exactly a Harley-Davidson dealership it housed Yamaha’s too.  I’ve included some pictures of my Dad early 1950’s that incidentally a couple of them are hanging at Fink’s as a media favor , but remain my property.   The look of those bikes are why I drive what I do today.

I am the youngest of three children, the girl, with two brothers who also let me ride with them on their motorcycles when they got stuck watching me, but I often rode in between my Mom and Dad on the bike squished safely between them (although I bet it wasn’t legal).  They had white helmets and wore jumpsuits not leather chaps.  I didn’t wear a helmet because I wouldn’t have fit between them.    I have home videos of me riding up and down Exie with no helmet, my very long hair flying in the wind riding with Dad.  No fear.  That’s where I truly learned to FLY.

My love of motorcycles continued by driving mini-bikes, go-carts, riding with my brothers, boyfriends and once when no one was looking I got on my brother’s Honda Dream when I was 12 and rode it around the yard. 

My husband Ted had a Kawasaki when I met him and we set aside our love of motorcycles while our daughter was young.  But bought our first Harley-Davidson a 2001 Bronze-Pearl Fatboy over the phone, sight unseen, that was a monumental day!   I rode behind him until we traded it on a new Ultra in 2003, and I was content until I got that itch that urge after watching and learning.  See My Dad insisted my first car was a standard so I learned gears at a very young age, it’s true kids are watching ALWAYS. 

So in early 2008 I decided I wanted to drive.  I bought a new Suzuki, 250cc to start me out because used small bikes were impossible to find.   On a ride with friends a guy turned his head that was directly in front of me and his glasses flew off and I ran over the glasses with my front tire.  Never thought much more about until we got into Zanesville and stopped and I checked my tire and it was sliced.  We went in the Honda dealership near Fink’s and no one in state had THAT tire in stock.  They ordered one from Wisconsin.  So I rode with my husband and we headed east and ended up at Valley Harley-Davidson and just so happened there was a 1996 Custom on the floor.  I was really put out that I couldn’t find a tire and had to order it BUT John said I have to show you something.  He started the bike and my heart raced. That rumble.  I said I’d take it, I wanted it.  No I didn’t need to ride it, I just wanted it.  The Honda dealership I had left the Suzuki with shipped it to Valley with my new tire the following work day ………….but I was too nervous to drive the Custom home.  Ted and his very long legs and those forward controls…….. He looked like a cricket on my bike but it was still mine.  When he got the bike home yes I was in my safe zone.  My daughter Jess was there when we got there and I sat on my new to me 1996 Custom and it was like sitting on a rocket.  Keep in mind I went from 250 cc’s to 1250’s,…………imagine Wylie Coyote and a TNT rocket for a minute and you could imagine how big my eyes were. My daughter said, Mom you have that #deer in the headlights look.  I was excited and petrified excite all rolled into one.  But I knew what to do and I went up and down the paved drive until I said Let’s GO!   So I said let’s go to Reisbeck’s stoplight in Cambridge as a goal and see how I feel from there.  We got to the stoplight and I said this is great!   I LOVE IT………………………. And ladies  ….now over 50 THOUSANDPLUS Driving miles under my Harley-Davidson Belt and my 2nd Harley a 2016 Heritage Classic I can only share my wonderful riding experiences.   I rode the new one home too!

If you want to drive just do it.  I was 49 years old when I started driving my own bike.  That in control feeling that this is MY BIKE you just can’t put into words until you do it.  So GO FOR IT !  

Patty Khune"

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