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  • "Well how do i start, My name is Gary Hanes, and i am 50 years old ( now 51 yrs. old) I have been riding motorcycles now for over 35 years, I have ridden in Germany, on the autovon for 3 years, i have had all types but never a Harley Davidson. My first street bike ride i ever had was on a 77 Super Glide, and in 1988 i rode a buddies Roadster down the road and back, (7 miles). I thought about buying a Harley Davidson before i left Germany from AAFES...But being a young married Sgt. with a (EX) Wife that didn't work, we couldn't afford a Harley so i bought a Honda shadow. Well years later a F150 VS a Honda Shadow, and i am wear i am at now, i am a right leg amputee Below Knee Amputee (BKA).

    It took me over 2 years to get to where i could walk again, and i got back up on iron, I have owned a Suzuki RF900r, Yamaha V-Max aka: Christine (still have) a 1999 Suzuki Hayabusa (Just Sold April 2016) and a 2007 Yamaha Stratoliner.

    I have been doing research on the Harley-Davidson Ultra for several years since the Mount Rushmore project, and The linked braking, I have gone back and forth from the Street Glide, to Ultra to Limited...I have done price comprising to the adding day makers & a tour pack to not, or buying the bike in Ultra or limited with it already included. (Me & my wife love out of state trips, she rides her own, Sandi loves her Triumphs currently she has a 2006 Daytona 955i & 2016 Speedmaster)

    Well as we were in Michigan this last Labor Day Weekend, we went from 80 mph to ZERO!! Well i did get my Stratoliner stopped, without hitting the minivan in front of me, but had to go on the yellow line, and Sandi went on the brim of the road. Well that made my mind up! I am NOT ready to stop riding! Yet i need LINKED BRAKES AND ABS!

    I Went to Valley Harley-Davidson41255 Reco Road, Belmont, OH 43718 is where i had been talking to Ryan Keyser, Since Jan 2016, i had explained what i was looking for, I could not decide between the Street Glide, the Ultra or the Limited 103, I had told him my wife rides her own, and explained what my concerns were (seat height) He went and spent 2 hours with me, changing seats on a Ultra Low. So we figured out what seat i needed, so i went to him after my Michigan trip in September, and told him, i was just about ready to "PULL THE TRIGGER". He said Gary, can ya wait a week, the new ones will be out soon, And i know you have waited this long, i don't want you making a mistake by buying a 103 if they are bring out a bigger bike motor, Sure can, My Yamaha is PAID FOR...

    So After Harley-Davidson released there 107 he called me, i went on the web site, read all information and scheduled a test ride at Valley Harley-Davidson in Belmont, Ohio, I took a 103 Street Glide out for a Test ride and a 107 Street Glide...Well i can't tell you i felt MORE POWER out of a 107,*My Stratoliner is 113 CI with 102 HP rear wheel, But the ride i felt on the 107 was way better. Now the decision, do i buy the 103 (LESS $$$) Or the 107? Well when i found out about the cooling, (single Head vs. dual head) And the Ultra-Low i wanted in Amber Whiskey only 8 left in USA...

    So i went and talked to my wife Sandi, (While Ryan was having a 2016 Limited Low in Black Quartz, from Valley Harley-Davidson store in West Virginia), So we go in to look at it on September 11, 2016...I told Ryan, sorry but i want a 107, for the price difference, I WANT THE NEW 107....In Superior Blue/Billet Silver, Of course i had to add, the Screamin' Eagle Street Performance Tuner Kit , Screamin' Eagle Street Cannon Performance Slip-On, 4.5", Chrome, Screamin' Eagle High Flow Air Cleaner, End Caps - Blunt Slash Up/Down/Out 4.5", Chrome. I also added rear light fillers, and a Corbin seat color matched to my bike.

    I picked up my bike on 17 Sept. 2016, i can tell you i have socked a lot of my friends, they have sworn that i have had a Harley for 3 years now, and when they see i had "PULLED THE TRIGGER" on a 107, they all said the same how happy they were for me. A lot has to do with my leg, and being an Amputee, THE LINKED BRAKE ARE AWESOME!!!! Add the ride & GPS,I CANT WAIT TO USE IT ALL!!!

    Well i am looking forward to 2017, I am the National President of Twisted Soulz MC, and also the X.O. (Executive Officer) of 12-6 CVMA (Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association) out of Cambridge, Ohio

    We have 5 out of state rides planed this year so far, and it is only January!!!

    My Best Friend Reginald Benton(President of Twisted Soulz M/C, Elyria, Ohio), He liked mine so much he also bought a new Harley-Davidson Road Glide 107 in HC Hot Rod Red Flake. He is also adding a Corbin Seat & Back rest, and of course a Stage 1 kit..(Picture attached) This is also his first ever Harley-Davidson Motorcycle, he bought it from Stinger Harley-Davidson in 3053 Eastpointe Drive Medina, OH 44256

    Thank You."

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    Gary Hanes - Cambridge, OH
  • "I can not thank you enough we are so grateful tobb apart of the family..!!! U guys r a amazing team.."

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    Michele Oberrath
  • "Bought my first Harley there in February and I will recommend them to anyone looking to buy a bike. Fantastic people in every department. Bike selection is good, apparel and accessory selection is limited but they will get you anything you want and need. A+ in my book."

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    Aaron Beaver
  • "This place is awesome. Very very friendly staff and great people. The moment you meet them they treat you like family."

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    Jeff Rausch
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